Essential Questions for a Highly Successful Wedding Venue Site Tour

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A wedding venue site tour is a brief walk-through of a potential venue. Ask these questions on your wedding venue site tour. | questions to ask on your wedding venue site tour, visit the wedding venue, wedding venue site, wedding venue site visit, wedding venue tour questions, wedding venue tour questions to ask

Help your clients find the venue of their dreams by scheduling a wedding venue site tour. These tours are important and you don’t want to miss the tiniest of details. Today, Chantal of Destination Wedding Croatia is sharing the questions she asks when doing a wedding venue site tour with her clients.

Wedding Venue Site Tour

Attending a wedding venue showaround or site visit is an important task for any wedding planner. Whether you are vetting the venue to add to your preferred supplier list or checking it out with a bridal couple that requested that specific venue that has not been on your list yet, it is important to ask the right questions.

Below you will find a list of ultimate questions to ask at a venue site visit.

How many hours are included in the rental?

An important thing to keep in mind is that a wedding setup can last anywhere from 2-5 hours and the de-rig after the event is usually 1-2 hours, depending on the wedding design. A wedding planner needs to make sure that the remaining hours are enough for the wedding itself and find out how much it will cost to prolong the rental, if necessary to do so.

What is the maximum capacity of the venue for seated / standing events?

Researching the maximum capacity of each venue while making your preferred supplier list can save a lot of time in the future when recommending the right venue for your client’s wedding party size.

Is there a minimum guest number / minimum spend that needs to be honored?

Some venues have a rule in place that a minimum number of guests or a minimum spend needs to be honored; otherwise they charge an extra fee in order for the event to be profitable for them. This is usually not advertised, and it is important to check to avoid “hidden fees” after the contract has already been signed.

How many events are allowed per day / is there a possibility of exclusive hire?

Venues with several function rooms might allow more than one wedding or event at the same time, and the venue staff might not be looking after your event only, so it is important to ask about this. Not to mention that your bride might not be happy about not being the only person in the building wearing a white dress, so checking for the possibility of exclusive hire is a must.

Is the venue suitable for ceremonies or just wedding receptions?

In order to save money and travel time between the ceremony and reception venue, couples often look to have them both at the same place. Some countries require that the venue has a license to hold ceremonies, so this is also an important thing to check while doing the site visit.

What equipment is provided?

Some venues provide tables, chairs, cutlery & crockery, linens, and AV equipment, while others will provide just the basics or maybe nothing but the space itself! It is always good to ask to see the equipment while doing the site visit as it may not fit with the wedding theme and design your couple is looking for.

Is catering provided and are there any alternative options offered for guests with dietary restrictions?

Many wedding venues either provide their own catering or work with a trusted catering provider whom they will be happy to recommend. Always check what the options are for guests with dietary restrictions and what can be done to accommodate special requests.

Are there any restrictions regarding decor or music volume?

Both decor and music are important parts of setting the right atmosphere at a wedding. Decor restrictions can vary from no open flame or sparklers, to no confetti or even no signage displayed. Outdoor venues often set a limit on the volume of music and may even introduce a cutoff point after which all music has to stop.

Is the rehearsal / menu tasting included?

Should your couple wish to have a rehearsal prior to the big day, it’s important to check when and where this will be able to take place and if there is an extra charge for it. When it comes to menu tastings, caterers and hotels might offer this free of charge if the couple has already signed the contract with them.

What is the cancellation policy / payment terms?

An absolute must question for the venue sales contact. It is in both your and your client’s best interest to read through the contract and cancellation policy before signing anything. Make sure the contract also includes a clause that protects your client in the instance the venue has to cancel.

In my experience, venue coordinators or sales reps are more than happy to answer questions and provide all the necessary details, as it is also in their interest that your clients book their venue. Remember, there is no such thing as a silly question, so make sure to ask all of these while doing a wedding venue site visit and then ask some more! 

Ever since she was a little girl, Chantal knew all she wanted to do was to plan weddings. Fast forward to today, she has worked as an event planner both in Ireland and Croatia, and is currently busy writing her blog Destination Weddings Croatia aimed to help brides that are looking to get married in her lovely homeland. She will be launching her own wedding planning company Serendipity – bespoke weddings & events early next year.

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