Wedding Posts You’ll Actually Love to Write for November

Wedding Posts You'll Actually Love to Write for November

Writing Engaging Wedding Posts in November: Creative Tips & Ideas

Who needs wedding planner content ideas? Or engaging wedding posts?

If you just shook your head “yes” and your inside head emoji looked like this 🤯, you’re in the right place. 

But I can do one even better! Today I’m going to give you wedding posts ideas specifically curated for the month of November. This isn’t just another one of those generic monthly content lists that you see on Pinterest or in Google searches. These ideas will help you write fun, engaging content designed to attract wedding planning clients. First, let me just say that I believe that blog writing is the number one way to boost your online visibility. So these content ideas are blog prompts. You can then repurpose your content by breaking up your piece into Instagram and Facebook posts.  All right, these ideas are going to be fun, so get excited!


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Perfect Wedding Post Captions for Every Social Media Platform

The magic of a wedding isn’t just in the moment but also in the way you can capture and relive the memories. As a wedding planner, it is important to post beautiful pictures of your work on social media to showcase your skills and attract more clients. But capturing the picture-perfect moment is only half the job. You also need to write compelling captions for each photo to engage your followers and give your wedding posts more traction. Fear not, we have you covered! Today, we will discuss the best wedding post captions for every social media platform!


Instagram is a visual platform that is perfect for wedding planners to showcase their portfolio. Along with beautiful images, make sure your captions are captivating enough to hook your audience. Use short and relatable captions that are easy to digest. For example, “A fairytale wedding for a fairytale couple,” and “Starting our forever under this enchanting chuppah” are ideal Instagram captions.


Facebook is a great platform to share your wedding stories with a wider range of audiences. Here, you can choose to write longer captions with anecdotes from your weddings or share special moments from behind the scenes. You can also tag your fellow vendors or couples to expand your reach. Try posting creative content such as “A perfect day captured in a happy moment” or use announcements like “We are thrilled to announce our most recent wedding collaboration!”


Twitter (or X) is a fast-paced platform where you need to capture your audience’s attention in just a few words. Keep it short and sweet, use catchy phrases such as “Here comes the bride” or “Love is all you need” along with attention-grabbing images. Don’t forget to use hashtags and tag influencers to maximize your reach.


Pinterest is a platform filled with creative and DIY enthusiasts. Wedding planners can use this platform to their advantage by sharing unique ideas and DIY projects they’ve done for their weddings. Make sure to use visual cues such as bold font and creative images to catch the viewer’s attention. Captions like “DIY floral centerpieces for your wedding day” or “Wedding details your guests won’t forget” are perfect for Pinterest.


LinkedIn is a professional platform where you can showcase your work to other vendors and potential clients. Here, you can share informative articles about the wedding industry or post success stories of your weddings. Keep your captions professional and avoid being too promotional. For example, “The importance of choosing the right wedding planner” or “Our team’s latest success story” would be ideal LinkedIn captions.

We hope that these social media wedding post caption ideas have given you some inspiration to take your posts to the next level. The key is to know your audience and choose captions that resonate with them. Always remember, the perfect caption is the icing on the cake for your social media post, so take the time to get it right and watch your engagement soar! Happy posting!

Wedding Planner Content Ideas for November

We’ve all seen the Instagram posts, “National Donut Day,” “National Dog Day,” “National Pie Day.” Celebrating certain days of the month can be a really fun way to get engagement. But instead of just sharing a picture of your dog or a Trix-covered donut, let’s relate it in a way your ideal client would actually love to be a part of. Try to come up with some rich content using these ideas for wedding posts. 

Nov. 1st - Extra Mile Day

Have you ever gone the extra mile for a client? What was it? Could you share this experience with your readers? If this sparked some ideas, then write about it. Remember to share lots of details. I remember a time where I folded 150 napkins the night before a client’s wedding because her caterer friend no longer wanted to do the job. Now, be careful… I don’t want you to get used or abused by clients, but sometimes compassion can go a long way.   

Nov. 3th - Cliché Day

A marriage made in heaven

Blushing bride

Shotgun wedding

Wedded bliss

Always the bridesmaid, never a bride

Icing on the cake

I could go on and on. On this day, publish a post about a wedding cliché. Remember, get specific. Do you love it, hate it, or think it’s funny? If I were writing it, I would use the blushing bride and use a real-life example from a past wedding. I would share where she got her dress, who did her hair, and who did her makeup. #ClicheDay

Nov. 4th - National Candy Day

Have you had a past couple or current couple do a candy bar? Or do you have a local candy shop in your area you could share with your audience? Maybe ask to interview them or even do an impromptu styled shoot. I’m sure they would love the publicity. #CandyDay

Nov. 9th - Chaos Day

This is a gold mine right here. Wedding days are total chaos. You could go in a number of different directions with this one. You could write about what a wedding day looks like for you as a planner or for the couple. You could write a piece on how you’re a “chaos coordinator,” giving specific examples that happened at a wedding and how your client never even knew. These are great authority builders. Chaos never dies, so why not embrace it? #ChaosDay

Nov. 15th - National Recycling Day

November 15th is a day dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about the importance of recycling. This is your opportunity to bring attention to a lesser-known avenue for sustainable living – local sell, buy wedding groups. These groups provide a platform for couples to find gently used wedding items at affordable prices, promoting a more eco-friendly approach to planning their special day. Let us celebrate National Recycling Day by supporting our local sell and buy wedding groups and being a hero for those who find the perfect deal for their special day.

Nov. 18th - Princess Day

This is too easy. Create a post around cute flower girls who stole the show. Or you could write about a bride who looked like a princess. Remember to mention the vendors who helped her look that way. You can even talk about your own fairytale wedding or the wedding you envisioned growing up. Or you could collaborate with your local dress shop and do a full-on story about the different Disney princesses and their dress style. Remember, have fun with it. #PrincessDay

Nov. 21st - Entrepreneurs’ Day

As we celebrate Entrepreneurs’ Day on Nov. 21st, go ahead and reflect on your journey as a wedding planner and the joys it has brought you. From the first time you helped a couple bring their dream wedding to life, to the countless hours spent researching the latest trends and negotiating with vendors, your dedication to your clients and your craft is truly inspiring. Share with your readers the challenges and hurdles you’ve conquered, allowing them to better understand your motives and intentions.

Nov. 26th - National Cake Day

A day dedicated to indulging in delicious cakes of all shapes and sizes. As a wedding planner, I have seen my fair share of beautiful and innovative cakes throughout the years. Reflect on some of your favorite wedding cakes from the past or explore new trends that are emerging. With the fall season in full swing, couples are searching for cake inspiration. From rustic naked cakes adorned with seasonal fruits to elegant buttercream designs with autumnal colors, the options are endless. Share with your readers some unique cake flavors, such as pumpkin spice, salted caramel, and apple cinnamon  This is also a great opportunity to support and highlight your local vendors who are experts in creating stunning and delicious cakes. Happy National Cake Day!

Nov. 28th - National French Toast Day

November 28th marks National French Toast Day  a day dedicated to indulging in the delicious breakfast dish that has become a staple in many households. As we celebrate this mouthwatering holiday, it is also an opportune time to discuss the essentials for a successful brunch wedding! Talk about your wedding must-haves: a picturesque outdoor venue, elegant décor, and of course, delectable food. Brunch weddings are all about great food. With the versatility and simplicity of French toast, it’s a must-have on any brunch wedding menu. Serve it along with other brunch staples such as eggs, pastries, and fruits. Additionally, incorporating personal touches, such as a donut wall or a DIY mimosa bar, can elevate the experience for guests too. Share with your readers your best advice for a brunch wedding! 

November Month-long Celebrations and Observances

November is a great time to share your appreciation and give thanks to those who helped you over the past year. Use this opportunity to express your gratitude for the past year’s little moments. This is the time to show up and give credit where it’s due. 


If you’re feeling really moved by this topic, you could do a whole series on vendors, clients, and family members you’re thankful for. Share why you’re grateful for those who helped you out, or even write about certain wedding day moments you were overjoyed to be a part of. 

Veterans Day

This is a great time to showcase some of your military clients. You could also discuss military wedding traditions or highlight a vendor who has a military background. Maybe even interview or share a father-of-the-bride who was in the military and what his daughter’s wedding was like for him. 

National Day of Giving - Tuesday After American Thanksgiving

As a wedding planner, this day holds special significance as it allows us to show our gratitude for the support and love we have received from our clients. Today, we have the opportunity to give something away as a token of appreciation for the trust placed in us to create unforgettable moments. It is a privilege to be able to contribute to the spirit of giving and make a positive impact on those around us.

November Wedding Posts

Get ready to embrace the magic of November! Let your imagination run wild with these awesome November wedding planning content ideas.

Fall Wedding Bouquets

When it comes to planning a dream fall wedding, staying updated on the latest trends and ideas is essential. Couples are constantly seeking inspiration to make their special day unforgettable, and as a service provider, it is crucial to be knowledgeable about the current trends in order to provide the best possible service to your clients. Fall wedding bouquets have taken on a new level of creativity and innovation in recent years. Gone are the days of traditional all-white bouquets. Instead, couples are opting for unique combinations of flowers, foliage, and even non-traditional elements like feathers or berries. Your readers will be delighted if you make it an in-depth read.

Outdoor Fall Wedding Mistakes

Say goodbye to wedding disasters with this binge-worthy piece of content. Take it up a notch by turning it into a freebie for your email list or a seasonal signup. Let’s make wedding planning enjoyable and stress-free!

Wedding Business Promotions 

As the wedding season comes to a close, businesses in the wedding industry are gearing up for promotions to attract new clients. With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday on the horizon, there is no better time to support and promote small businesses within the wedding industry. This is the best time to offer ideas and recommendations especially for Cyber Monday deals on wedding essentials, such as bridesmaids gifts, wedding décor, and unique wedding exit items. As professionals in the industry, it is our duty to provide valuable insights and support small businesses during this busy time.

Engagement Rings

This is also the start of the engagement season, making it the ideal time to showcase local jewelry shops and their stunning rings. Tell your audience all about a shop, why you love it, and what it has to offer clients. You could also write a blog post that highlights the different types of engagement rings. Make sure you discuss the process or how to pick out a ring as well. 

Wedding Posts Last Words

Did any of these wedding post ideas spark some new ideas and help get you motivated? Hopefully you found some inspiration here and you’re ready to start publishing content about weddings. Creating a captivating blog post doesn’t have to be hard – just make sure that you pick a great topic and utilize all the tips and tricks from our blog today. Be sure to make your wedding blogs unique, fun, and informational. It’s key to keep your readers engaged and clamoring for more of what you have to offer. Lastly, if you’re looking to crack the blogging code, check out the Book More Brides with Blogging course. This program teaches how to increase your reach over time, optimize each post for maximum visibility, and captivate your audience! Don’t wait – enroll now and get closer to becoming a successful wedding blogger today!

Wedding Posts You'll Actually Love to Write for November

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