Ditch the Chocolates and Love These February 2022 Wedding Planner Trainings

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“Loving yourself starts with liking yourself, which starts with respecting yourself, which starts with thinking of yourself in positive ways.” Truth.

Let’s take a cue from my husband’s playbook.

Big things are happening in my household. Things like my husband will be retiring from a 20-year military career sometime next year. Last week he started the resume process. He hasn’t done one in 20 years, so he asked me to review it. I was so surprised by what I read. The whole document was filled with “excellent” this, “outstanding” that, “exceptional” this, “phenomenal” that. I wasn’t surprised because he’s not these things. I agree with him—he goes above and beyond. I was taken aback because he was bold enough to toot his own horn. That is not really his personality. The whole situation made me think: “I should really toot my own horn more.”

February 2022 Community Calendar

And why not? Really. Why do I shy away from telling people how awesome my skills are in certain areas? Because being boastful is a personality trait weakness? If overdone, sure. Or not truthful, definitely. Otherwise, it’s really perfectly acceptable. Sometimes that old adage “show, don’t tell” just doesn’t work in today’s digital society. I know I’m not the only one who has trouble with this. This isn’t a “fake it until you make it” kind of situation. This is about owning what you’re good at.

So this month, I want you to own it with me. Own your talents and own your skills. Make a point to share your talents with your Instagram or Facebook audience or even—gasp—your clients.

What are you good at? What are the skills that other people see? Write it down right now. Go ahead and share once a day or at minimum once a week. Let me know how this little exercise goes for you. It’s time to see ourselves in positive ways.

February Wedding Planner Education

February is a month full of love. First, let’s focus on loving ourselves so we can love others. Try to remember to do your exercise of saying out loud how awesome you are. Next, give your clients some love. This month in our FB community, we’re going to be focusing on creating a client experience so you can stop killing yourself trying to get new leads. Be on the lookout for these group discussions and blog posts. The more you participate, the better the discussions will be. I love sharing my knowledge with you, so I hope you join me this month for some new online wedding planner trainings I have lined up.

Welcome Packet Checklist Download

Every month my email list gets access to a free download. Since we’re talking about creating a wedding planner client experience, I thought my Welcome Packet Checklist would hit the spot! Welcome packets are a great place to wow clients and express your boundaries all at the same time. They also help set the expectations of your service right from the get-go.

Your February Wedding Planner Trainings

Mark these events in your calendar:

2/02 Learning Episode: Duties + Roles of a Wedding Planner. This training is specifically for aspiring wedding planners so you can decide if wedding planning is the right career for you. Add the event to your calendar

2/09 Monthly Members Chat: Client Offboarding. Come and join me for a lively conversation where we discuss why offboarding can be a powerful lead generator. Add the event to your calendar

2/11 Client Experience Bundle Promo. Once a month I like to give a deep discount on a product that is going to help an aspiring wedding planner reach their goals faster. This month it’s the Client Experience Bundle. Add the event to your calendar

2/16 Learning Episode: Consultation Prep. In this presentation I will be going over different ways to prep for your initial consultation so you can rock it! Add the event to your calendar

2/23 Live with Erica of ES Creative Co, Brand Expert. Join us for a Live event where you get to ask questions and get answers. Erica will be sharing her branding wisdom with us. Add the event to your calendar

Well, that about wraps up our February wedding planner training. Come be a part of our community and join our Facebook Group, Becoming a Wedding Planner. This is where you’ll find all these wedding planner trainings for free.

Remember to love yourself this month!

XOXO, Valerie

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