Everything You Need To Know About The Wedding Planner Scam Here

Everything You Need To Know About The Wedding Planner Scam Here

Wedding Planner Scam: Don't Be Fooled!

Be careful out there, guys! Watch out for the wedding planner scam. There are scammers out there lying in wait. Nowadays, they are getting pretty tricky and it can be a bit difficult to tell a scam apart from a real lead. I have even seen seasoned planners question the validity of an email—that’s how good they are getting. Their methods have changed over the years, but it’s still the same old scam. They used to only use email to get to you, but now they text and are even as brass as calling. Their English has even gotten a little better, making it even more difficult to know for sure if it’s a scam.


If seasoned planners are having a hard time sorting out a scam email, then it can be even harder for an up-and-coming wedding planner. They are often so hungry for new business that they overlook the warning signs. I wish people didn’t get suckered by them, but I’ve actually known two people, one photographer and one DJ, who lost $2,000 when all was said and done—scammer never to be seen again—both were new to the business. As a budding wedding planner, you need to aware of how the scam works and what to look out for. Here’s my PSA about scammers.

How the Scam Works

This is how the scam works. You get an email, text, or call from a “lead.” They want to hire you for a graduation, family reunion, or wedding. You happily respond. They are ready to sign. You send the contract. They sign it and pay a deposit. Then they say, “oh hey, my photographer doesn’t take cards. Can you pay the photographer $1,000 and I’ll add it to the deposit?” You agree. They tell you where to put the money. You send the money. They “pay” you. A few days later their payments won’t clear and you’re out the $1,000. So, that’s the scam and how it works.

Dealing With Scam Emails

What to do with a scam email? Nothing. Sorry to say, there’s nothing you can really do about getting those types of emails or text messages. Some people like to have fun with them and string them along for just a bit, but truth is, I don’t got time for that. So I just block the number or flag it as “scam.” The best thing we can do to counteract these horrible people is help other new planners be more aware of the scam. 

How to Know If It’s a Scammer 

As I stated before, it can be hard to identify a scammer right off the bat nowadays, but there are some telltale signs it’s not a legit lead:

  • They can’t meet in person for some reason
  • Their English is poor 
  • They ask, “Do you accept credit card payments?” in the first message
  • They have a long list of needs that aren’t customized to what you do 
  • They tell you your service is needed ASAP

If the email or text has any or all of these features, don’t trust it. Be suspicious. See example below:

Everything You Need To Know About The Wedding Planner Scam Here
Courtesy of Love & Confetti Weddings and Events

Wedding Planner Scam Last Words

To sum it up, wedding planners need to be extra careful these days and always double-check who they are dealing with. Scammers are getting trickier, so you’ve got to stay sharp. It’s easy to be fooled if you’re not paying attention! Keeping a keen eye on what comes in your inbox is just one step towards staying safe from the wedding planner scam. A great way to get more information on the wedding planner scam and all sorts of other great knowledge is to join our exclusive Facebook group, Becoming a Wedding Planner. We provide resources and support for new wedding planners. Let’s help each other out by staying vigilant against scammers!

Everything You Need To Know About The Wedding Planner Scam Here

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