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Wedding Planner Pocketbook

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Wedding Planner Pocketbook


Wedding Planner Pocketbook

Wedding Planner Pocketbook

Brides are coming to you for your expert and professional advice. As a wedding planner you need to give guidance on all aspects of wedding planning. With these cheat sheets you will be able to guide you brides better.

This insightful resource designed to help the up-and-coming wedding planners

Whether you’re wondering how much to tip your vendors, what size linens to order, or how much alcohol to buy, the Wedding Planner Pocketbook has got you covered. With this convenient guidebook at your disposal, you can confidently plan the perfect wedding without any guesswork.

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Wedding Planner Pocketbook

Get 17 pages of invaluable diagrams, checklists and reference tables right at your fingertips. This pocketbook really is a must-have guidebook for any new wedding planner just starting out.

Wedding Planner Pocketbook

"A great resource for your wedding planning company."

The Wedding Planning Pocketbook was a great resource to my wedding planning company! It’s all the details needed to properly execute a wedding and it’s great to have them at your fingertips. Wonder how to set a table? How much champagne to buy? What to pack in your emergency kit? This toolkit has it all! Already know most of this but want to relay it to your brides? Add it as a bonus to get more clients!

— Mia Kartsonis

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When it comes to wedding planning, there are a lot of details and nuances to keep straight, but this pocketbook has got your back!


All of those hard-to-remember details – like when invitation envelopes should be mailed or how many tables four caterers will need to cover – are all laid out in one simple place. Keep it handy when prepping for client meetings, or tuck it in your bag for on the go info you can easily pull out and refer to whenever it’s needed. With this pocketbook in tow, brides are sure to feel confident that they have an experienced planner they can trust!


Be the knowledge leader with the Wedding Planner Pocketbook! Take the stress out of starting a new business by having all of the important answers at your fingertips. This is a must-have item for any new wedding planner just beginning their career – get yours today and start inspiring trendsetting events tomorrow!

You could scour Pinterest for hours looking for the answers or you could invest in this pocketbook and have it all right at your fingertips, right now!

What You Get

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and daunting, that’s why we have 2 helpful diagrams to guide you through it all. In addition, 10 reference tables will provide the information needed to make sure everything is picture perfect on the big day! Finally, with 3 must-have bridal checklists at your disposal – planning this special event will seem effortless!


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Wedding Planner Pocketbook

What Others Are Saying


The Wedding Planning Pocketbook is filled with incredible tools and resources that make life as a wedding planner SO much easier. These tips and tools not only help you as a planner, but will help you educate your brides on how much alcohol to buy, the amount of flowers to order, etc. Highly recommend this valuable resource!

— Courtney Florey

I originally bought this product to get an idea of things I needed to start my business, but it ended up being so much more! Not only was there a list of resources (incredibly helpful), but I also found some terms I didn’t know yet and amazing checklists like what kind of policies to include. It’s been an amazing reference in getting everything setup and helping me look even more professional to my clients.

— Alex Andrews

This pocketbook is filled with very practical guidelines for wedding planning. If you’re new to the industry and are struggling to advise clients on the “how much/how many” questions, then this could be a good guidebook for you. While I don’t think anything in here is necessarily an industry secret, it is definitely nice to have it all in one spot.

— Bria Florell

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Hi! I’m so excited that you’re considering using my wedding Planner Pocketbook. This little guy is going to be your ultimate wedding hero. As someone who’s been in the wedding planning industry for a while now, I wish I had this when I first started out. I know it will come in handy for you too!

Cheers to starting off your wedding planning business on the right foot!


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Brides are coming to you for your expert and professional advice. As a wedding planner you need to give guidance on all aspects of wedding planning. With these cheat sheets you will be able to guide you brides better, plus more!

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