Hop to Your Wedding Planner Free Training: April 2022 Calendar

wedding planner free training
wedding planner free training

I overcome my fears by confronting them

“Scared is what you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing.” -Emma Donoghue

For a lot of new wedding planners, the wedding consult can be a chill/thrill kind of experience. They are afraid that the bride seated in front of them will “figure it out” as soon as they start talking. Within moments of speaking everything will unravel like a loose thread. They become super aware of the fact that they don’t feel as confident as they’re pretending to be. Their thoughts are flooded with the notion that they should know more than they currently do. That they are an imposter waiting to be exposed.

Wedding Planner Free Training

But the truth is, if you’ve gotten to the consultation part with a potential client, you’ve already gotten through the hardest part. The person you’re meeting with is already very interested in what you have to offer. I know me saying this doesn’t make it any easier. That’s why I’m excited for this month’s wedding planner free training. This month I have a super special treat for you. We’re going to be covering consultations. The only way to overcome the consult fear is by confronting it.


This month I’m offering a 5-Day Consult Challenge inside our FB group, Becoming a Wedding Planner. I’m excited for this challenge because it will allow you to take a deep dive into sales strategy, tools, resources, and it will also help you overcome your consult fears. I’m hoping we can even do a mock consult with your event members on Day 4. Mock consults are one of the best ways to hone in on your consult skills. Because this is the first time I’m doing something like this, it’s going to be a little messy, but I do feel confident that it will better prepare you for your initial wedding consults. It’s also going to be very fast paced, so be prepared. We have lots to cover in only 5 days. Come ready to learn!


Every month my email list gets access to a free download. This month I’m giving away my Inquiry Email Framework. I share my go-to framework for how to customize your email template for a new lead. This will be a game changer for those just starting their wedding planning business. Remember, only those on my email list will get this valuable piece of content. If you want to get a head start on your training, get the Initial Consult Planner Kit. It’s a game changer!

Initial Wedding Consultation Planner Kit


Mark these wedding planner trainings on your calendar:

4/6. Live with Sherri, Wedding Florist Expert. I’m working on a special series where I interview wedding vendors on what it’s like to work with wedding planners. I believe this will help us be better team members in the long run. Come join us for the convo and ask questions. Add the event to your calendar.

4/18. 5-Day Consult Challenge. If consults have you running scared, this is the time to overcome your fears in a supportive group setting. Every day we will be working on new skills and techniques to get you feeling confident. Add the event to your calendar.

4/20. Monthly Members Chat: Consult Fears. Let’s talk about the things we think are holding us back! If you decide to join us for our consult challenge, this discussion will be an added benefit. Add the event to your calendar.

4/22. Consult Crusher Promo. Every month I offer a discount on a product that will move your wedding planner business by leaps and bounds. This month it will be consult related. These promos only last 3 days, just FYI. Add the event to your calendar.

4/27. Live with Rex, Wedding Videographer Expert. Understanding how fellow vendors work in their own businesses is an important part of being a great wedding planner. I’ve asked Rex to share this knowledge with us so we can be better at anticipating a videographer’s needs. Add the event to your calendar.

Well, that about wraps up our April wedding planner classes. Come be a part of our community and join our Facebook Group, Becoming a Wedding Planner. This is where you’ll find all these wedding planner trainings for free.

Let’s crush those consult fears once and for all!

XOXO, Valerie

The awesome wedding planner free training on how to strengthen your consult skills will be happening this April.

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