Wedding Planner Terms and Conditions

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You entered the wedding planning business with hopes of showcasing your creative side to wedding planning. You soon realize that clients can be difficult to work with. While clients are guilty for exploiting your services and pushing boundaries, part of the blame also lies on your shoulders.

If you don’t make your wedding planner boundaries clear, clients could confuse your role as their personal assistant, dog walker, babysitter and chauffeur. If you are a newer wedding planner, there is a lot you will learn from experience and time. But, why learn the hard way when we’re here to make things easier for you?


Wedding Planner Terms and Conditions

As a wedding planner you should always mention your terms and conditions right from the start. Let your clients know what they should expect of you and what you expect from them. Inside this template we help you set boundaries as a wedding planner. Some key features of our template are:

Helps You in Setting Boundaries

Some wedding planners don’t feel the need for a separate document outlining their terms and conditions, because they already have a contract. However, half the time your clients won’t read their contract and this leaves you open for trouble down the road. This is when your wedding planner terms and conditions become a big help.

These 17 terms and conditions can help create distinguishable boundaries to stop you from doing extra work that isn’t covered in your contract and stop those conflicting feelings between planner and client.

Readymade Templates

We have 17 thorough wedding planner policies which you can access right now. You can choose the ones that best suits your needs.

Can be Added to Welcome Email

Sending a welcome email is a widely followed practice in the world of wedding planners. If you send welcome emails, you can easily incorporate your polices within your email. This would help you set the working tone right from the start.

Setting Expectations With Your Wedding Planner Terms and Conditions

Finally, we believe our templates can help you set expectations for a smooth wedding early on in the process. It is good to relay information regarding what you can do and what you cannot do. This will help educate clients and will help them in setting expectations right in the beginning.

If you’ve been thinking over how to set boundaries as a wedding planner, then our wedding planner policies have you covered and will add extra professionalism to your services.



17 Readymade Templates:

✔How you communicate
✔How to use HoneyBook
✔How you treat holidays
✔Wedding management clients vs full service clients
✔Why all documents need to be completed
✔The vendor role
✔How you handle abusive behavior
✔How you handle extra attendees at meetings
✔How you handle Late Payments
✔How you handle personal items
✔Your catering cleanup policy
✔Setting up tables and chairs policy
✔How you handle reviews
✔Policy on human error


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  1. Sam

    I felt very overwhelmed and anxious at the liability I was placing myself in. Afterwards I felt confident that I was more protected for any circumstances out of my control. Definitely a must have. There were items in here that I wasn’t even looking for or thinking of! These items ended up being vastly important to my communication and transparency with my couples.


      So wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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