Wedding Planner Pocketbook

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Don’t get caught off guard when a bride asks how much to tip, how much alcohol to buy, or what size linens she’ll need. You’ll have all the answers right here! The Wedding Planner Pocketbook is a must-have resource for the up-and-coming wedding planner. It’s chock-full of insightful industry cheat sheets to help you navigate the wedding planning process. Sure, you could spend all day searching for answers on Pinterest, or you could get this convenient, comprehensive guidebook with just one click.

What’s included:

  • ✔List of tools and resources
  • ✔Wedding day emergency kit items
  • ✔Wedding day packing checklists
  • ✔Policy checklist
  • ✔Guidelines for tables, linens, cakes, flowers, tipping, and more


Get the Wedding Planner Pocketbook today and plan your next wedding with ease!

As a wedding planner you need to give guidance to your couples- including knowing a little about bar service, table linens, cake sizes, invitations and flowers. With these cheat sheets you will be able to guide you brides better.

This is a MUST HAVE guidebook for any newer wedding planner just starting out. With these tools, be reassured your clients have the right wedding planner. Become a valuable reference with these Wedding Planner Cheat Sheets.

List of tools and resources:

Kick-start your wedding planning business with these great tools and resources. These apps, programs, and services will help your wedding planner business run smoothly.

Wedding day emergency kit items:

Wedding planners need to be prepared for all sorts of problems that might unexpectedly arise on the day of a wedding. Inside the Wedding Planner Pocketbook, we’ve compiled a list of essential items to include in your emergency kit so you’ll be ready for anything.

Wedding day packing checklists:

There’s so much going on the day of a wedding that it can be hard to keep everything straight. Our wedding day packing checklists will keep you organized and focused so no items get overlooked.

Policy checklist:

Your policies are essential because they protect both you and your clients. Use this list to ensure you have all the necessary policies in place to run your business professionally.

Guidelines for tables, linens, cakes, flowers, tipping, and more:

These handy cheat sheets will help you with all the practical details of planning a wedding and prepare you to answer any and all questions your brides will ask.


7 reviews for Wedding Planner Pocketbook

  1. Courtney Florey

    The Wedding Planning Pocketbook is filled with incredible tools and resources that make life as a wedding planner SO much easier. These tips and tools not only help you as a planner, but will help you educate your brides on how much alcohol to buy, the amount of flowers to order, etc. Highly recommend this valuable resource!

  2. Bria Florell

    This pocketbook is filled with very practical guidelines for wedding planning:
    – How many bottles of wine should you order for 50 guests?
    – How many guests fit at a 36″ round table?
    – How big should a dance floor be for 200 guests?
    If you’re new to the industry and are struggling to advise clients on the “how much/how many” questions, then this could be a good guidebook for you. While I don’t think anything in here is necessarily an industry secret, it is definitely nice to have it all in one spot.

  3. Mia Kartsonis

    The Wedding Planning Pocketbook was a great resource to my wedding planning company! It’s all the details needed to properly execute a wedding and it’s great to have them at your fingertips. Wonder how to set a table? How much champagne to buy? What to pack in your emergency kit? This toolkit has it all! Already know most of this but want to relay it to your brides? Add it as a bonus to get more clients!

  4. Tanya Groenewald (verified owner)

    It is helping me very much!!!!!


      Oh, wonderful. This made my day! Thank you!!

  5. Tesa

    It’s a great tool for wedding planners and works well on smart devices and easy to print if you like hard copies. I will definitely continue to use this product.

  6. Jen A.

    This booklet and download has helped me with the organizational side of my new business.

  7. Alex Andrews

    I originally bought this product to get an idea of things I needed to start my business, but it ended up being so much more! Not only was there a list of resources (incredibly helpful), but I also found some terms I didn’t know yet and amazing checklists like what kind of policies to include. It’s been an amazing reference in getting everything setup and helping me look even more professional to my clients.


      Thank you for your kind words, Alex! I’m glad to hear our Wedding Planner Pocketbook has been so helpful to you as you start your business. We put a lot of effort into creating a resource that is both comprehensive and easy to use, and it’s wonderful to know that we succeeded. Thanks again for choosing our product and we wish you all the best in your wedding planning business!

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