Wedding Planner Lookbook


You want to find the perfect color combo for your wedding planner brand, but you don’t know where to start. With so many different color combinations to choose from, it can be hard to decide on the right one for your brand or project. The Wedding Planner Lookbook is here to help! This ebook contains over 40 different color combinations that will inspire you and help you find the perfect look for your brand.

Key features:

  • ✔40+ color combinations to suit different moods
  • ✔6-digit hex code for each color
  • ✔Lookbook template for creating your own color combinations


The Wedding Planner Lookbook is intended to help you find the perfect color combination for your branding, upcoming styled shoot, or client design project. Branding is a crucial aspect of your wedding business identity. It includes your logo, fonts, patterns, textures, images, and especially your colors.

Your branding is directly tied to your ideal client, your marketing efforts, and your business goals. As a business owner, it’s important to choose colors that match your brand identity. To do that successfully requires having some knowledge of the meaning and symbolism behind the colors you select. For instance, warm colors (such as red, yellow, orange, and pink) come across as optimistic, confident, and passionate, whereas cool colors (such as blue, purple, and green) are considered calming, subdued, and professional. You want to make sure your brand colors give off the vibe you want to convey in order to appeal to your target market. The wedding planning company that can create a visual identity that best resonates with their ideal client will get that lead!

With 16 million shades out there, choosing colors that complement one another and evoke the right emotional response is a daunting task. The sample palettes in this lookbook will save you time and energy! Whether you’re going for bright and cheerful colors or prefer a more muted, natural look, you’re sure to find a color combination that inspires you. With over 40 different color combinations to choose from in this lookbook, the possibilities are endless! Plus, each color’s 6-digit hex code is included, taking all of the guesswork out of the equation. By choosing your colors and knowing their hex codes ahead of time, creating a mood board will be a more fluid process.

And if you’re inspired to create your own unique color combination, we’ve also included a free, customizable lookbook template made in Canva. Canva is super easy to use—no design experience required.

The Wedding Planner Lookbook will help you choose a color combination that tells your brand’s story or fits your client’s vision to create an emotional connection with potential clients. Use this lookbook as a starting point for your next creative project!

40+ color combinations to suit different moods:

Colors have the ability to evoke an emotional response. This lookbook includes over 40 different complementary color combinations to fit any mood.

6-digit hex code for each color:

A hex color is the 6-digit code used to represent a particular color digitally. Enter this code into your design software to be assured of having the exact right shade every time.

Lookbook template for creating your own color combinations:

This template is fully customizable in Canva. Just add your inspiration photo and favorite color combo!


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