The Ultimate Guide to Booking More Weddings

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You want to know how to book more weddings, right? You’re not alone. Every new wedding planner wants to know the secret to success. Well, look no further. The Ultimate Guide to Booking More Weddings contains Valerie’s secret formula to getting more brides! By having a proven strategy in place, you’ll be more focused, less overwhelmed, and achieve better results.

What’s included:

  • ✔Successful Wedding Planner Checklist
  • ✔How to Book More Brides
  • ✔Extra resources
  • ✔Book ‘em Checklist
  • ✔Bonus emails
  • ✔Negative Review Checklist


Inside the Ultimate Guide to Booking More Weddings, we’ll walk you through the legal aspects of setting up your business, teach you how to stand out in a saturated market, and give you tips on making a lasting impression with your website. We’ll give you all the insider knowledge about networking, making authentic connections with your audience, and marketing your wedding planner business.

If you’ve ever wondered how a styled shoot can boost your business or how to ensure that potential clients will find you online, this booking more weddings guide spills the beans on all of this and much more! Why spend hours doing research online when it’s all right here for you in one convenient guide? Plus, the checklists we’ve included will help you see how far you’ve come and where you can still make improvements.

Successful Wedding Planner Checklist:

We’ve found that successful wedding planners have many key attributes in common. This list covers the features you’ll need to cultivate to achieve success as a wedding planner.

How to Book More Brides:

This section provides an outline of everything you need to work on and complete to create a strong business with real clients. Each page includes links to extra resources.

Book ‘em Checklist:

See your progress at a glance with this checklist. By filling it out, you’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts and make improvements.

Bonus emails:

As a bonus, this guide includes two wedding planner email templates that you can use as is or modify to meet your needs.


2 reviews for The Ultimate Guide to Booking More Weddings

  1. Megan Kennedy (verified owner)

    I’m still working on applying.


      Yay! You’ll be booking more brides in no time!

  2. Wendy

    Simple, straightforward and easy to implement advice.


      Wonderful! Thank you for your review!

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