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Want to take the shortcut to creating a Wedding Event Management Workflow? Use this handy client onboarding workflow template to get your business running more efficiently today. Never forget about sending out an email or completing a client task again. Maintain a high level of organization and easily create systems and processes that help you manage your business. Save yourself HOURS and get this template that will actually make your life easier. This template includes:

  • Pre-planning suggestions—like what questionnaires you should create
  • Workflow template for Wedding Event Management Clients
  • Breakdown of activities
  • When to complete activities

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* Email and questionnaire copy not included. Take our Wedding Planner Foundations course for templates galore.


As a wedding planner, you are probably dealing with a variety of clients in different stages of
their time. It can be exhausting. You have to remember, organize and manage every little thing
throughout the wedding planning.

If you have just started this business you may be taking one client at a time, if you have a little
experience you may be taking a few clients at once. Now, in cases like these you may
remember most of the details in your head or by writing them down. But as your business
grows it becomes harder to manage and organize these tasks.

Many times brides have come to us stressed and worrying about their wedding planning. There
are so many little things to be careful about, so many things to get perfectly right!! And let’s
admit it- every single wedding is different.

So, to cope with situation like this and to make a wedding planners’ work easy and accurate, we
have made this workflow template, which will systematize the whole wedding management process and
relieve you guys off the stress.

Whether you are new to this industry and need a boost, or if you have doing this for a while
and there’s space for some improvements, this tested workflow template made by us is all you
need to perform with perfection and save a lot of time. Once purchased, the template will
provide you with a well worked workflow worksheet, which will help you deliver
perfection and satisfaction to your client at each step of the way.

This template includes:

  • Pre-planning suggestions (like what questionnaires and emails templates you should create)
  • Workflow template for Wedding Event Management Clients
  • Breakdown of tasks
  • When to complete activities

Note: this is not a workflow sheet to send to your clients. This sheet is a strategy to make your
work easy with multiple clients at once.

3 reviews for Wedding Management Workflow Template

  1. colleen bauer

    When you are a new planner sometimes it is hard to know where to begin. The EWPA Onboarding Workflow Template will take all of the guesswork out of things. You will feel so much more confident! It is easy to use and very professionally done.


      Thank you Colleen! I’m so glad it helped!

  2. Bonnie Hawthorne

    I’ve been in the Wedding Planning industry for 10+ years and this is by far the best workflow template I’ve seen to date. A must for those automating their systems.


      Bonnie, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to write such a lovely review!

  3. Kelli Stambaugh

    It is easy to follow along with and helps organize your routines! Lots of questions became answered and I feel like I have a better idea of how to organize my routine.


      Thank you!


      Thank you Kelli!

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