5-Day Business Operations Transformation Station Course

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Inside the 5 Day Wedding Business Operations Course you’ll learn how to automate your business seamlessly with the best CRM system around. From capturing leads to creating workspaces and templates, this interactive challenge will give you all the tools necessary to run a successful wedding planning business.


More and more, we’re finding that wedding clients are coming to expect a high degree of personalized attention. But how can you give personalized attention when you have multiple weddings going on at the same time? The answer is having a CRM system that works for you and your wedding business operations team.

Trying to capture leads and stay up to date on all of your emails and tasks can easily become overwhelming for a new wedding planner. Time equals money, so learn how to save both with this free 5-day challenge that will help you organize your tasks and give your clients an amazing customer experience!

In the 5-Day Business Operations Transformation Station Course, I’ll show you exactly how to use a CRM system so you can finally get an edge over your competition. I teach wedding planners who are interested in using the HoneyBook CRM system how to get their wedding business operations set up and fully functioning in just 5 days.

In as little as one hour a day, you can get a one-on-one experience that will help you manage all your interactions with clients, vendors, and even prospective new clients. You’ll learn how to set up your account for brand recognition, and how to use HoneyBook’s automation to capture leads and book clients in no time. We’ll teach you how to create templates that will help you to communicate efficiently and streamline your processes, and how to send proposals and contracts with automation. Finally, you’ll learn how to create vendor lists and timelines for your clients.

In this free course you’ll learn how to use HoneyBook to:

  • Brand your account
  • Capture leads
  • Create templates for efficiency
  • Send a proposal and contract
  • Create a vendor list
  • Create a timeline
  • Create a workflow

My life changed once I understood how workflows are used, and I know yours will too! Systems will set you free. Are you ready to take control of your wedding business operations?

3 reviews for 5-Day Business Operations Transformation Station Course

  1. Osheen

    Must try for all the beginners. it boosts your confidence and inspires you to go ahead.

    • vpritt14@gmail.com

      Thank you!

  2. Sarah

    I think Valerie is fantastic! Her offers are real, they have helped me build my business into one I’m excited to work on every month instead of frustrated and overwhelmed.

    • vpritt14@gmail.com

      Thank you! Your kind words made my day!

  3. Laura

    I loved this free course! Straight forward information and provided the basics of Honeybook. I ended up purchasing Honeybook for the year after this course and I can’t wait to utilize Honeybook with my clients!

    • vpritt14@gmail.com

      Your comment made my day! Thank you for the feedback!

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