Email Templates for Wedding Planners

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12 done-for-you prewritten email templates for those hard situations!

Ever wondered what to say when a client asks you to change your contract, goes MIA, or wants you to climb a ladder? These prewritten, fill-in-the-blank, copy-and-paste emails are exactly what you need to send to your client. If you’re struggling with what to say and when to say it, check out these email templates today.

These email templates were crafted with your terms and policies in mind. Prevent communication issues from hurting your business and get these 12 grab-and-go wedding planner email templates for hard situations today.

What’s Included: 

  • ✔Not a good fit
  • ✔Contract changes
  • ✔The follow-up
  • ✔Need to add staff
  • ✔Outside the scope
  • ✔We don’t do that
  • ✔Procrastinating client
  • ✔Late payment
  • ✔MIA client
  • ✔Friends at meetings
  • ✔Policy check
  • ✔Firing a client


These 12 prewritten email templates for wedding planners will help you communicate more effectively with clients.

We get it. Working as a wedding planner is not easy.

There are so many elements to get right. You have to deal with budgeting, staffing issues, tight schedules, backup plans for bad weather, and so much more. Sometimes you have to face situations that directly involve your clients, such as when you need to add more staff or make changes to the contract, or when your clients are procrastinating or asking for services that you just don’t offer.

When these difficult situations arise, it’s important to communicate with your clients in a polite and professional manner while still being firm. Many of your clients will prefer to communicate by email, so you need to be able to write clearly and effectively.

If communicating with clients about tough situations doesn’t come naturally to you, we’ve got you covered with our 12 prewritten, grab-and-go email templates for those tricky situations!

Get these 12 done-for-you email templates for wedding planners today so you can communicate with your clients more effectively and handle delicate situations with ease.

Key Features:

Not a good fit:

Not every lead will be a good fit for you. Use this email if you realize after your first meeting that they’d be better off working with another wedding planner.

Contract changes:

Every now and then you will get a potential client who wants to change your contract. This email will help you reinforce your policy while remaining enthusiastic about working together.

The follow-up:

Send this email about a week after your initial consultation to encourage your prospective client to make a decision about working with you.

Need to add staff:

For larger weddings, you may need to add more staff. Clients might not be happy about this, but it’s necessary. Use this email to help soften the blow.

Outside the scope:

It’s okay to go outside your contract as long as clients are willing to pay for your time. This email explains that the service they want is extra and will cost more.

We don’t do that:

From time to time you may have a client who wants you to set up something that really falls under another vendor’s job description. Send this email if a client wants you to go too far above and beyond.

Procrastinating client:

It’s important that clients get their paperwork back to you on time. Use this email when a client is procrastinating on completing their paperwork.

Late payment:

Asking for money isn’t easy, but your clients agreed to pay you according to a schedule. Use the late payment email templates in this bundle if your clients don’t pay on time.

MIA client:

Every now and then a client goes MIA and you’ll need to follow up. Usually, this email will get a response.

Friends at meetings:

Having extra people present at meetings can slow down the process and cause the couple to second-guess their choices. If your client decides to bring a friend anyway, using this email template afterward should prevent it from happening again.

Policy check:

When a client overreaches, it’s important to reinforce your boundaries and policies immediately. This email will help remind them of your professional relationship.

Firing a client:

It’s never easy to fire a client, but sometimes it’s necessary. If the situation can’t be remedied, this email will help you terminate your contract tactfully.


10 reviews for Email Templates for Wedding Planners

  1. Jennifer Clark

    Yes yes yes! I am so excited to have these templates easy to pull from, and personalize for my business. I have already had experiences where I wish I’d had this, it really helps to remove the personal feelings that often get in the way when we have clients overstep. I am so happy to have these in my toolbox now! And so totally worth the price! Hours saved, so many “learning” situations that can be nipped before they cause a real headache with a simple template. So thankful!


      Yay!! Exactly what I wanted to hear! Thank you for the kind review.

  2. Carrie Stacy (verified owner)

    These are great emails to act as a reference point when writing difficult emails! I have struggled before figuring out the best words, how to be professional but frank and get my point across well. These templates have helped me with that. And taken hours of time off my plate designing a workflow! Thank you!


      Carrie, your comments made my day! Thank you!

  3. Gelena (verified owner)

    Thank you, Valerie to invest so much time and effort to make our lives as busy wedding planners easier! These templates helped me to refresh my existing forms and I am very glad to have them. Looking forward to more tools to improve my communication skills!


      You’re the sweetest! Thank you for the kind words.

  4. Cristina A. (verified owner)

    The product I purchased gives a great amount of information and is very helpful in my business. My work load has now become less stressful and I totally recommend the template. There are so many good subjects to be used in a difficult situation when handling clients.


      Wow Cristina! Thank you for the sweet words. I try so hard to come up with products that are truly needed for newer wedding planners.

  5. Shannon (verified owner)

    The templates have been very helpful to use in my business.


      Shannon, thank you for taking the time to write this review! It means the world to me that you love the product!

  6. Ingrid

    Before I felt lost and afterwards I felt at ease! More confident. This product will make your life simple without needing to come up with a way to write a follow up email or if they still want the service.


      Thank you Ingrid!

  7. Maureen

    I purchased this because I had difficulty finding words to reply to my clients. I use this as a template and fill in my information as needed. I recommend this book to professionals who are in the same situation as I am in.


      Wow that’s really nice of you to say so thanks! We’re glad you got so much value out of our emails, Maureen. It’s always nice to find new ways to give our customers great value and we’re glad to hear you’re doing well!

  8. Liz

    This Email Template has so much helped me in writing emails. I spent lots of hours wondering how to start writing but ever since I purchased this template it has made life much easier. I would definitely recommend this template for everyone in wedding planning business. It’s definitely a must have. Thank you Valerie!


      Thank you for your kind words, Liz! I’m glad our Email Template for Wedding Planners has been of help to you. It’s been designed with care to make it as easy as possible for you to write professional and effective emails. Thank you again for choosing our product and we hope you continue to find it useful in your business.

  9. Caroline Avila

    Love this!!! It has been so hopeful !

    • Valerie Pritt

      Thank you so much for your positive review, Caroline! We’re thrilled to hear that our email templates have been helpful to you in your wedding planning endeavors.

  10. Eshelle

    I just wanted to share my experience with this amazing email template I purchased. It has been an absolute game-changer for me when it comes to writing professional emails. The template is super user-friendly and has a sleek design that instantly elevates the look of my emails. It has saved me so much time and effort, allowing me to focus on crafting the perfect message without worrying about the formatting. I highly recommend this template to anyone looking to level up their email game. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

    • Valerie Pritt

      Thank you so much, Eshelle, for your glowing review! We are thrilled that our email template has made such a positive impact on your wedding planning business. It’s wonderful to hear that the template has not only saved you time and effort but also helped you craft professional emails. We appreciate your recommendation and are grateful for your support. If you have any further feedback or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy planning!

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