Wedding Planner Website Workbook


Starting your own wedding planning business is no walk in the park. Your primary focus should be on promoting your brand, but with limited wedding planner experience, this can make creating a wedding planner website tough. That’s why we created this workbook. The very best way to promote your brand in this era of technology and competition is through a one-of-a-kind stunning wedding planner company website. The wedding planner website workbook is meant to assist you through the challenges of website creation and to give you the best templates and options available with absolutely no coding or website design experience.

Inside you’ll find:

  • ✔Sample Wedding Planner Packages
  • ✔About Me Page Planning Sheet
  • ✔Sample Home Page Template
  • ✔2 Done-for-you Email Templates
  • ✔Free Wix Website Tutorial
  • ✔ Set up a blog instructions
  • ✔78 pages


If you’re just starting out, you probably don’t have a huge budget for a fancy wedding planner website. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do-it-yourself. In fact, with this Wedding Planner Website Workbook, you’ll be surprised to learn just how simple and stress free the whole process can be. Don’t worry about not having any technical skills- you won’t need them with this workbook. Learn how to create a beautiful website with this complete step-by-step guide for beginners. We’ll walk you through all the content needed for a beautifully designed website.

Wedding Planner Website Workbook Key Features

Our Wedding Planner Website Workbook will definitely save you money if you’re goal is an affordable attractive wedding planner website design. The key features of our wedding planner website workbook include:

Wedding Planner Website Template

Not only do we show you how to create a free wedding planning website, we also give you wedding website copy to use as part of your overall company messaging. This workbook will help you with coming up an attractive design as well as give you copy templates so you can create a converting wedding planner website. Your website should be rock solid as it plays an imperative role in setting client perception. You don’t want potential clients to scroll past your website because you don’t have enough information.

Email Templates

We also offer you a couple of important email templates as part of this website creation workbook. Our email templates are geared towards asking past clients to give reviews on your websites. Reviews sit in the center of every successful website, and you should display them clearly from clients who have worked with you.

Complete Wedding Planner Website Design WIX Tutorial

We give you a complete WIX website design tutorial so that you can easily set up your website and manage it. The tutorial videos are broken down into easy manageable steps so you can understand the world of websites better and lean how you can customize the process.

Blog Instructions

Blogging is one of the way to bring traffic to your website. We expect that you might have heard this already, but it still very true. But how do you get started with blogging? We teach you how to get up a blog page so you can get your blogging journey started asap.

So, fasten your seat belts and buy this wedding planner website workbook and learn how to create a wedding planner website that is functional and pretty.



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