12 Unique Mood Board Examples That Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit

12 Unique Mood Board Examples That Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit | aesthetic moodboard, Christmas wedding, holiday wedding, holiday wedding mood boards, inspiration board, mood board design, Mood Board Examples, moodboard example, moodboard online

Get ready for 12 unique mood board examples that will get you in the holiday spirit! It’s that time of year again where we slow down just a little to give ourselves a reset. The winter months tend to be a slower time for those in the wedding industry. It’s a great time to recharge and let those creative juices flow. Last month we had a fun time in our Facebook Community with a holiday wedding challenge.

Mood Board Examples

Members who entered were encouraged to create a mood board based on their own holiday inspiration. It was a fun contest and it gave our group members an opportunity to practice their skills. Mia of Pastiche Event Productions ended up being the winner this year, but they were all good in their own right. Which of these mood board examples speak to you? Be sure to pin your favorite. Take our Mood Boards Made Simple mini course if you’re unsure how to utilize this skill.

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A Bright and Modern Winter Wedding

Based on minimalist and modern design, yet also focusing on sustainability, this was a fun design challenge for me! During the holidays, I love to use sustainable décor such as dried oranges, cinnamon, and fresh pine. It not only creates a wonderful and fresh smell throughout the home, but it also is kind to the Earth! By Samantha McNally

aesthetic moodboard, Christmas wedding, holiday wedding, holiday wedding mood boards, inspiration board, mood board design, Mood Board Examples, moodboard example, moodboard online

Ice Queen

Here is Ice Queen, my entry for the Holiday Wedding mood board competition. Inspired by a very special family trip last December to Finland to meet the one and only Father Christmas…..with the difficult situation we are in this year we can only dream of such wonderful trips hence this magical, ethereal, fantasy fairytale wedding in icy grey, blue and pink colours! By Justine Claire Rowlinson from Spain.

aesthetic moodboard, Christmas wedding, holiday wedding, holiday wedding mood boards

Snow and Stars

For me, the holidays are a time to get together and celebrate. This Snow and Stars wedding has all those wonderful celebratory feelings wrapped in it. With the deep, velvety blues and touches of snowy whites, you can’t help but be enveloped in the romance of it all. It takes a bold couple to take on an outdoor, winter wedding, but the results would be just pure magic. By Nikki Reynolds – Virtual and Small Budget Party and Wedding Planner

12 Unique Mood Board Examples That Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Are you feeling inspired by these holiday mood board examples yet? I sure am!

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Winter Woodlands

Imagine being caught in a shower of snow outside; the weather is unbearably cold and the coating of snow is so thick that it makes all signs of life disappear. But inside… inside fairy lights are twinkling, the atmosphere is warm and cozy, and everyone is celebrating a Christmas miracle of true love. This was my inspiration. The mixture of a romantic red and sharp, dark winter greenery on wooden walls just reminds me of a time when I was sitting by our Christmas tree with my son in my lap, watching the train take another lap while dodging the presents close to its path.

The thing I love most about the holidays is that it almost seems magical. People have a sudden boost of energy to go shopping and spend more time with family. They display more patience, kindness, and understanding. Best of all, they pour their hearts out to all of their loved ones. To me, during the holidays life seems to stand still just long enough to take a breath and feel thankful that I’ve made it this far. The holidays remind me that the best is yet to come and that I have help along the way. By Elizabeth Eagle Events

Wedding mood board

Luxe Winter Wedding

There are two things which I love the most in this world- a white Christmas and beautiful luxurious weddings! So, for this challenge I decided to combine my two biggest loves and create a “Luxe Winter Wedding” mood board which is alluring and classy. The whites and greys makes this look innocent and pure while the accents of gold adds a certain charm to the design. This modern, sumptuous & sophisticated design embodies my personal aesthetics as a wedding designer. By Brainstorm Project

Wedding mood board

Warm & Snuggly

When it comes to country and rustic weddings, what do you do when its cold and snowing? To keep guests and themselves warm, plaid blankets are the thing for the day. Taking the plaid theme to the extreme and incorporating it throughout the decor from invitations to place settings. And the day wouldn’t be complete without a warm fire and smores….

I love the idea of being warm on a cold winter night and what better way to be that then with a warm snuggly blanket, the person you love, a warm fire and chocolate. By Wendy Forsberg

Holiday Wedding

Winter Hug

This has been a very difficult year. In Italy we were in lockdown for three months and what we missed most was sharing the affection of our loved ones. The concept of my mood board comes from the desire to embrace us again. It is a hymn to intimacy, caresses, warmth and the desire to return to living a normal life with our families. The family is always there: it is lightness, it warms the soul, it is conviviality, it is the colours of the earth. And marriage is a reason to celebrate it… through a long embrace. It is love. By Lucia Imperi TheLovePlanner

Winter Wedding

A Romantic Holidaze

I was inspired by the novel In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren. It is the perfect holiday romance about finding pure happiness and falling in love. I went with a soft mauve palette coupled with a deep purple contrast to match the mood of the novel. A dazzling, wintry love story that is warmhearted and pure. What I love about the holidays is spending quality time with my family. I absolutely love lounging on the couch, sipping hot cocoa while watching romantic holiday movies on Lifetime and Hallmark. By LOMI Weddings & Events

Winter Wedding

All I Want For Christmas Is…

2020 has been a year of separation from loved ones, changes to wedding plans, and for many financially challenging. Weddings and holidays are the time to be surrounded by the ones you love, to celebrate the people you have in your life, and a time for love and thankfulness. The inspiration for my “All I Want for Christmas is You” wedding comes from this. The desire to be with loved ones, to celebrate the people in our lives versus the possessions, and to inspire the feelings of the comforts of home. I imagine velvet, greens of all shades with pops of purple/red/maroon. I see tweed, candles, and pine cones. I see small winter details like a hot chocolate bar and twinkle lights.

For me the holidays mean so much more than the food you eat, the presents you give and receive, and the stress behind it all. The holidays are a time to connect with family and friends you may have lost touch with – to slow down and think about the good that you have in your life – and when thinking about holiday weddings, it is about holding the ones you love most close, letting them know you are their home. By Jeni Jean Weddings and Events

Winter Wedding

Mountain Top Wedding Wonderland

As you may know, my wedding was a Christmas Wedding and last year’s board showed you what I dreamed it would be. This year, I went with my second favorite holiday design inspiration – forest green and snow on a mountain top! I love the use of this deep green and absolutely adore the velvet green shoes and runners with accents of gold. I wanted this board to reflect the feeling of a destination wedding far up on the mountains, surrounded by your nearest and dearest. I love the cold and the snow and wanted to make sure this board showed the beauty of the bright snow outdoors and then balance that out with a rustic and moody, yet extravagant reception indoors with lots of greenery and candlelight in a clear tent that showcases the stars!

I love the holidays because it’s a time for you to come together with all the people you love. What better time to have your wedding? The feeling of love and family is in the air and it’s a time for renewal as we ring in the New Year. By Mia of Pastiche Event Productions.

Winter Wedding

Holiday magic

Holiday magic – love this time of year getting together with family, Christmas movies snuggling on the sofa with my children hot chocolate in hand. Beautiful colours of deep red and green on a crisp white background. Elegant and timeless. Colours are used on the invitations to follow the holiday theme. Brides bouquet consist of stunning flowers that repesent a dreamy Christmas. Bridesmaids wear warm cosy shawl and bride wears stunning elegant robe perfect for crisp winters day. Small golden Christmas ornaments decorate the tables with candles and elegant centrepieces of pine and red baubles. By Samantha Clark

Winter Wedding

Christmas Love

Christmas weddings are the best celebrations. I would involve all of the senses. Pine trees with lights, greenery with peppermint and then floral & pine in the table centerpieces would all give the smell and look of Christmas. While the candles, white draping and red roses would welcome you to the “Christmas Love” wedding. The celebration would be JOY and LOVE all around. By Elizabeth Gattis DeLorge.

Winter Wedding

Classic Christmas

Snow, pinecones, evergreen…all signs of a classic Christmas. I live in San Diego, so I don’t typically get a traditional Christmas. If I were to design a christmas wedding here in San Diego, I would want to bring the classic elements indoors. I would cover the room with lights and lush greenery representing snow and evergreens. I love the traditional red and green colors for Christmas and incorporating them in a neutral setting with creams and whites. I love the idea of a grand dinner table amongst a sparkling Christmas forest!

I personally love all the family time. I come from a very large family, so it’s nice to see everyone and catch up. We do a white elephant every Christmas Eve and it’s so fun! Some people bring great gifts and some bring terrible ones.. in the end it all comes down to luck haha! By Serene Events and Design

Winter Wedding

Winter’s Dream

I love the dreamy dark colors against both the white of the bride’s dress and the snow. I believe a hot chocolate bar is a must for this winter wedding. This dreamy wedding would have candles on every table, lights strung across the ceiling, and maybe a few eggnog martinis as well. I was inspired by the ideas I have for my own wedding (when the time comes of course)

My favorite part about the holidays is traveling back up north (from Florida to Pennsylvania) to see my family and enjoy the snow and all of the pretty lights. We always ride around the town in our PJs and we grab some hot chocolate while blasting Christmas music. By Ravyn Caputo

12 Unique Mood Board Examples That Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Winter Moonlight

The inspiration for this board is the crisp winters on the St. Lawrence River in the 1000 Islands, Upstate NY!If I could plan a wedding for myself, this would absolutely be the mood board. A palette of soft blue hues with an essence of elegance and femininity. My favorite thing about the holidays is watching the sunset over the River on Christmas day. Nothing but a snow/ice-covered crystal blue river, the glowing moonlight, and a peaceful winter breeze! By Pineapple & Peony Events

Winter Wedding
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Lat words on these mood board examples

Thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge. This was a fun contest where the holiday mood board examples were amazing. Be sure to pat yourself on the back. Let’s do it again next year! Take our Mood Boards Made Simple mini course to learn how mood boards and up level your wedding planner business.

12 Unique Mood Board Examples That Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit | aesthetic moodboard, Christmas wedding, holiday wedding, holiday wedding mood boards, inspiration board, mood board design, Mood Board Examples, moodboard example, moodboard online

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