Brilliant January Creative Writing Prompts That Will Make You Unfreeze

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This post provides a list of wedding planner creative writing prompts that can be used to spark your creativity and inspire your writing. | article writing topics, creative writing ideas, creative writing topics, Wedding Blog Post, wedding blogging, wedding planner blog posts, wedding planner blog topics, wedding planner business, wedding planner education, wedding planner tools

Ahhh, January. The month of new beginnings and a year full of new goals.

What are your BIG goals for the new year?

Maybe blog writing is one them?

It’s okay if it’s not. It doesn’t usually make the cut when wedding planners start talking about business goals for the upcoming year. But I do want you to consider it. Blogging has so many unassuming benefits that you probably don’t realize what an asset it can be. Blogging is a great way to work on your SEO organically. Creating content for social media posts also becomes so much easier because you just take snippets from your blog posts. If you link to those blog posts in your social media posts, you’ll find an increase in your website traffic—getting you those Google SEO points. See how it’s an endless circle of giving? But it all starts with blogging more.

Creative Writing Prompts for Wedding Planners

If you’re not taking advantage of blogging because you feel like you have nothing to write about—well, you’re in luck today! I’ve got what you need right here. Even better, these ideas are specific to wedding planners. The best advice I can give is to have fun with these ideas. The more you feel inspired to write, the better the blog post will turn out. Here are some January creative writing prompts for your next blog post. Curious how blogging could help your wedding planning company reach its marketing goals? Check out the Book More Brides with Blogging Course.

Creative Writing Prompt Days

1/2 National Buffet Day

This may be too on the nose, but this day opens up many different discussion pieces. You could talk about the yummiest wedding buffet you’re ever tasted. Be sure to describe the meal in detail. What made it so delicious? You could also feature a caterer who offers the best wedding buffet. Interview them about their menu, client experiences, and their most exotic/fun request. Or you can take this opportunity to educate your audience on the differences between a buffet and a plated wedding dinner. Tell them what’s involved, what to expect, and how much time is needed for each dinner service.

1/8 National Bubble Bath Day

Use this day as a reminder for self care. Getting married is stressful, so take the opportunity to give your brides a pass on wedding planning and use it for some relaxation time. I would set the scene by giving some ideas on your favorite spa products and music suggestions to make this time really count. Give them mindset techniques so they are able to better cope with wedding planning stress. Oh, and what better time to put in a shameless plug about your wedding planning services?

1/9 National Vision Board Day

Take advantage of this day and talk about your design skills! Even better—share a mood board from a past client and then show the end results. This post will get tons of traffic, believe me. Share their design vision, any struggles you had but overcame them, and how the outcome felt to everyone—the couple, you, guests, and vendors alike.

1/13 Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Isn’t this what you do? Make dreams come true? This a golden opportunity to share that. Can you think of a bride who’s known what she wanted her wedding to be like since she was a little girl? This is the ultimate dream come true story. Write the story. Or talk about a couple who only has one dream wedding thing. Write about it. Or what did your own dream wedding look like? Write about that. Or interview all your couples and ask them what their dream future looks like.

1/20 Penguin Awareness Day

When I saw this day, I immediately thought of a groom’s suit. There are a few different directions we can take here. One way would be to feature a tuxedo place and interview them about the latest trends in groom attire. This is a great way to spotlight a vendor who usually doesn’t get much love. Another direction you can go is highlighting the different suits you’ve seen as a wedding planner. Use pictures from past weddings and then add details like type of groom, type of wedding, and where they sourced the suit.

1/23 National Handwriting Day

This is a fun day to celebrate your calligraphers or even spotlight all the great signage you’ve seen. Alternatively, you could go in a totally different direction and talk about what to put in a thank you note. Help a couple out by sharing a sample thank you card template. If you’re feeling really ambitious, maybe talk about writing your own vows—how to go about doing it, as well as best tips and practices.

1/26 Spouse’s Day

This could be a great time to interview a past client. I recommend using a couple who was your biggest fan. Ask them questions about how marriage has been, big learns, ask how the transition went from being engaged to being married. Have fun with this piece!

Year in Review

I love writing Year in Reviews. It helps me remember just how far I’ve come in only a year. I’ve highlighted my favorite dress, favorite wedding theme, most complex wedding, most intimate wedding. I’ve mentioned my favorite cake, bridal bouquet, and bridesmaid dress. Take this opportunity to brag on your wedding planning company and what you achieved in the past year. Give some stats that you are proud of. Pro tip: instead of actually giving numbers, consider just giving percentages.

New Year’s Resolutions

As we head into the New Year, share with the world your New Year’s resolutions for your business. This little post will help keep you accountable for the rest of the year. If you need help thinking of some business resolutions, think of the 3 things you most want to change this year. Then write how you plan on making those changes. Need help? Check out our Wedding Business Goals Workbook.

January Blues

This is an opportune time to talk about the real-life blues a bride might experience after the wedding. Help them cope by giving them some suggestions on what they can do to change their mindset. For most brides, their wedding consumed a good full year of their life. What’s next for them? Some might be considering becoming a wedding planner; should they contact you? Do you need an assistant?

Time to Get Organized

A new year also means it’s time to clean up and organize. Help couples out by suggesting ways they can organize their wedding planning better. Hint, hint, maybe they should consider hiring a wedding planner. 😉 Always try to put yourself in their shoes and give them some real, tangible ways to get organized.

Last Words about January Creative Writing Prompts

Well, there you have it! A social media content calendar ready to go for the month of January. Just think about all the potential engagement that is waiting for you with these creative writing prompts! Are you ready to try blogging? Join our Book More Brides with Blogging Course today.

This post provides a list of wedding planner creative writing prompts that can be used to spark your creativity and inspire your writing.

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