Inside the Dream to Done: 10-Day Wedding Planner Biz Course- A Better Method

Inside the Dream to Done 10-Day Wedding Planner Biz Course- A Better Method
Inside the Dream to Done 10-Day Wedding Planner Biz Course- A Better Method

Do you want to own a wedding planning business but you have no idea where to start? 

What a loaded question, right?

Your 10-Day Wedding Biz Course

I see this question, or a variant of this question, weekly in many Wedding Planner Facebook Groups. It’s a very common question, but the answers are spread across the board. Sometimes the intel is spot on and sometimes it’s more of a “blind leading the blind” kinda thing. It can be frustrating when you’re new and feeling way out of your element as to who to listen to. Even researching the topic can pull you in many different directions and down many different rabbit holes. All you want to do is start, but you also don’t want to fail.

So really, how do you start a wedding planning business?

You’ve stumbled onto the right page if you’re asking yourself this question. I’ve recently launched the Dream to Done: 10-Day Wedding Biz Launcher  for those seeking a path to getting their wedding planner business off the ground once and for all! This course provides you with a 10-day roadmap so you can launch fast and with confidence. Go ahead and check out the course here.

Who Is It For?

The Dream to Done: 10-Day Wedding Biz Launcher  is specifically designed for wedding planners who have some experience already (maybe they’ve planned their own wedding) and they want to be their own boss. This course does not go into how to plan weddings. It takes a deep drive into the launch process so you’re crystal clear on the little details it takes to start a wedding planning business from home. 

What You Get

When you enroll in the course you get a goldmine of information. The course is 10 days, which means you get 10 take-action modules. Each lesson inside this course is designed with a three-pronged framework that will get you jumping over all those hurdles with ease. Each day you start with a video, read a daily lesson, and then apply your learning inside the Startup Accelerator Course Workbook for the true learning trifecta. You also get a few amazing bonuses that will give you an extra boost. You’ve been wondering how to start a wedding planning company and I got the answers!

Inside the Dream to Done 10-Day Wedding Planner Biz Course- A Better Method

Wedding Planner Biz The Results

When you finish this course, you’ll have wedding planner business fundamentals in your back pocket, ready to use at a moment’s notice, so you can grow with speed. You’ll feel comfortable approaching vendors and venues because you’ll know the best techniques. You’ll have clarity on who your ideal client is and how to target them so you never lose focus on where to put your energy. Otherwise you could end up following advice that doesn’t fit your true objective. You will also create business goals that have a strategy behind them. Most importantly, you’ll finally launch and create that on-demand wedding planning business you’ve been dreaming of.

Who Am I?

My name is Valerie Pritt and I’m the founder of Engaged Wedding Planner Academy. I help newer wedding planners find their footing so they can actually enjoy their passion. Because my husband is in the military, I’ve had to start my wedding planning business over three separate times all in new locations. My secret sauce is effective and it works quickly. I didn’t have time to second-guess myself. I just had to get going and make things happen. That’s why I decided to make this a 10-day event. If this is truly your dream and passion, there’s no time to waste!

Wedding Planner Biz Last Words 

The Dream to Done: 10-Day Wedding Biz Launcher is everything you need to launch faster, with more confidence, without wasting days and all that annoying trial and error. The feeling of clarity and completeness you’ll experience at the end of the course will be priceless. You will finally have the answer to the question, “How do I start?” Don’t wait for someone to give you the green light; take charge and learn more here

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