5 Cues You Need A Wedding Coach To Stay Competitive

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Here are the five signs you may not be reaching your full potential. A wedding coach is your ultimate tool to achieve massive results.

Sometimes you just can’t see the ceremony for the wedding veil.

No? Then maybe you’ve heard this one: Sometimes you just can’t see the forest for the trees.

Meaning, sometimes we get too involved in the details of a problem to be able to see the situation as a whole. As an owner of a wedding planning company, it’s all too easy to get on the “if I only did this” bandwagon. You read the articles and listen to the podcasts, all telling you what you should do. Great, right? You have direction. The only thing wrong with this is that podcaster doesn’t actually know where you are in your business journey. So what works for them might not necessarily work for you right in now.

But you didn’t know that. So, instead of building a solid vendor network, you spent your time building a Facebook ad. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Facebook ads, but they might not make sense for your company at the moment.

So therein lies the problem. You’re too busy listening to what others are doing and not really understanding what YOU need to be doing. If you’re not careful, the year will be over and you’ll be wondering why you haven’t seen any real growth. That’s how a wedding coach can help you. Today I’m giving you a self-guided test to see if you need a wedding coach right now.

What Is a Wedding Coach?

A good wedding coach is someone who can help unlock your business potential. They can help you diagnose issues with your wedding business, be a soundboard for all your ideas, and be an impartial judge when you need one. They can help your wedding company live up to its maximum potential.  

How Can a Wedding Coach Help You?

Owning a wedding planning business can sometimes feel like you’re on a hamster wheel—getting nowhere fast. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Consider hiring a wedding planning coach when self-guided learning becomes tiresome and unhelpful. When you’ve tried everything to succeed but your growth has been limited, then it’s time for 1:1 help. Without help, it’s unlikely that your wedding business will serve you for much longer. I offering reasonable 1:1 coaching if you’re starting feel discouraged by how your business is progressing. I’d love to chat with you. Not sure if this is for you? Use my self-guided test as a checkpoint and see how much of it applies.

1. You’re Not Hitting Your Goals

Be honest, did you hit a majority of your yearly goals last year? Did you even make goals last year? Goals give us purpose and direction. They also give us focus. Your wedding planner business will not succeed if you don’t have goals set up. Your company will also fail if you’re not meeting the goals you’ve laid out for yourself. Now, maybe your goals were unreasonable to begin with, like booking 25 weddings in your first year of business. But not hitting your goals can have a devastating effect on your psyche. A wedding coach can help you set realistic and tangible goals so you can actually meet them.

True or False. When I make a goal, I make it happen 80% of the time.

2. Your Process Seems Inept

If wedding day after wedding day, you’re getting gut punched and silly slapped by things going wrong, your current system isn’t working. Or if you’re finding your workflow messy and not seamless, causing a mediocre client experience, you’re not going to beat the competition any time soon. A wedding coach can take a look at your systems and help you figure out where you need to improve.

True or False. I walk into a wedding site confidently knowing that 80% of the events will go right.

3. You’re Taking Little Action

Dreaming about your future wedding planner business isn’t the problem, but making an action plan that works is. If your to-do list keeps growing but little actually gets checked off, it might be time for a wedding mentor. They can help keep you accountable and see that you’re following through with your goals. For your wedding business to rise above and stand out, you’re going to need to take action.

True or False. I take action every day that improves my business.

4. You’re Lacking Confidence

I have found that a lack of confidence is the #1 reason why wedding planners fail. If you don’t have confidence, you’re going to feel defeated as soon as something goes wrong. And things always go wrong. It’s a wicked chain reaction that will leave you with low self-esteem. From there, it’s almost a guarantee you’ll quit. A wedding planner coach can help you build your confidence in an easy-to-implement way. When you’re lacking confidence, a good coach lets you borrow theirs. You’ll feel stronger almost immediately. If nothing else, it’s just a great feeling of not being alone anymore.

True or False. I am confident when I meet vendors, start new projects, and hop on social media.

5. Your Performance Is Not Improving

It’s time to look at your booking numbers versus your inquiries. You’re not performing well if you’re not booking 80% of your leads. This means you have a significant disconnect going on in your sales funnel. It could be at your initial consult or it could be when you reply to inquiries. You might be too invested to see what the issue really is. If you’re not booking clients but getting lots of inquiries, you really need to consider hiring a wedding coach. They will dissect your process and give you good feedback.

True or False. I book 80% of my inquiries.

Wedding Coach Last Words

How did you do on the self-guided test? If you answered True for the majority of the questions, you’re doing great. Success is on the way. However, if you answered False for most of the questions, then hiring a wedding planner coach might give your company the boost it needs. My power coaching session is specifically for wedding planners who are just starting their business. Discover all the details about working with me one-on-one here.

Here are the five signs you may not be reaching your full potential. A wedding coach is your ultimate tool to achieve massive results. | Wedding Coach, wedding planner business, wedding planner coach, Wedding planner course, wedding planner education

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