Become a Better Wedding Business with Client Management Software

Are you ready to elevate your wedding planning business to a whole new level of productivity using a client management software?
Are you ready to elevate your wedding planning business to a whole new level of  productivity using a client management software?

All right, it’s about to get real! If you’re reading this article, then you’re ready to elevate your wedding planning business to a whole new level of productivity. Congrats to you! Having been around the CRM block a few times, I’m going to share with you my favorite all-in-one client management software: HoneyBook.

Client Management Software

If you’re looking into a client management tool, you must be looking for efficiency and to streamline your workflow. That’s why I love HoneyBook! Here’s why:

Lead Management

Easily collect leads on your website with a Lead Capture Forms. Simply set up a form and install it on your website—easy peasy.

Project Proposal

Proposals are a given with any platform you use. The nice thing about HoneyBook is that the proposal, payment (you can accept online payments), and contract are all in the same file. It will also show you if the file has been viewed or not, which is helpful when you want to know if a client is serious about signing with you.


If you have a desire to streamline your process, then making templates for routinely sent-out items like questionnaires, emails, and contracts makes this a no-brainer. HoneyBook’s template feature is such a useful tool.

Having a Team

The whole reason I started using HoneyBook was because I needed a CRM system that I could add team members to. I wanted to be able to see what my team members were doing. Additionally, I wanted them to use the same program I did so that our client experience would be seamless. If you have teams members, you need to try HoneyBook.

Are you ready to elevate your wedding planning business to a whole new level of  productivity using a client management software?


Once again, any wedding planning software you use should automatically have contract capability. HoneyBook is no exception. All you do is send a proposal with your contract attached. They sign it, you sign it, and now you have a client. It’s so easy!


Workflows are one of the reasons I fell in love with HoneyBook. Having a streamlined workflow for a busy wedding planning business is crucial. In fact, when I found out that Aisle Planner didn’t have a real workflow, I couldn’t imagine my life without a flow option! A workflow will help you keep tasks on track so nothing gets overlooked.

Pro Tip: Are you wondering what in the world the workflow hype is all about? Or maybe you’re thinking about purchasing a CRM system but aren’t sure what kind of learning curve you’re up against? Check out our FREE 5-Day Business Operations Transformation Station Course.

Timeline Feature

I love the timeline feature in HoneyBook! You make one master timeline template and then you are able to adjust it for each wedding you do. It’s hard to remember how I worked using a Word doc. You can drag different events with your mouse and place them where they need to go.

Things That Need Improving

Although I love the HoneyBook platform, it is lacking in a few features compared to its competitors. For example, their bookkeeping end of things is less than desirable. Other programs allow task sharing with clients. Aisle Planner definitely has a better planning portal. A lot of people complain about their branding being on everything. This doesn’t bother me as much as it does others, though.

Not Ready Yet

If you’re not ready to commit to a CRM system yet, try Wave for your bookkeeping needs. You can send invoices to clients and accept online payments. You’ll need a way to organize your business expenses for taxes, and Wave does a great job.

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